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Fishing Reel Service and Repair

If you are looking for expert Fishing Reel Service and Repair, you've come to the right place!

Hi, I'm John Finsterbusch (Fin) and I've been servicing and repairing most major makes and models of fishing reels since about 2010.

If you have a fishing reel that is either performing poorly or not working, you can get it to me and I'll clean it up and repair it as needed for you.  I can also super-tune your reel, equipping it with Smooth Drag Washers and Boca Bearings.

Send Me Your Fishing Reels for Service and Repair

My terms are simple and straight forward: for 1 to 3 reels, I charge $30 per reel.  For 4 or more reels, I charge $25 per reel.

Service Includes

Service includes completely dismantling, cleaning, lubricating and inspecting your reel.  (And putting it back together!)

If I discover broken or badly worn parts that need to be replaced, that is where the repair comes into play.  I will ALWAYS call you to discuss your options and give you costs before I start repairs!

Repair Includes

Repair includes the replacement of broken and/or worn parts with new ones.  I do not charge any extra for shop time for this, only the cost of the parts.  I do not add any handling fees to shipping, either.  You pay only what I pay for shipping back to you.

Electric Reels

I do service and repair on ALL brands of electric reels! Charges for electric reels are $40 each reel.

Shipping Instructions

There are some sporting goods stores that provide pickup and drop off fishing reel service and repair.

Otherwise, ship to:

Fin's Reel Service & Repair
2207 East 4th Avenue
Port Angeles, Washington 98362

Brands that I Service and Repair

I service and repair the following brands: Shimano, Daiwa, Penn and more.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.